We have uniforms ranging from the School/Academic wear, Day wear, Sunday wear, Outing wear and Games wear.

School Uniform

  • Black shoes and white socks.
  • The males wear the stipulated trousers or shorts as made and given by a carefully selected tailor.
  • Young girls wear skirts that are also specially made for the school.
  • Black shoes.
  • White socks.

Day Wear

  • Shoes or sandals but not with slippers.

Outing Wear

The outing wear is customized for the school and is designed following Africa’s rich textile designs. It is usually worn on outing days and other days as may be deemed fit by the principal and management. It is worn along with :

  • Black shoes.
  • Black socks and.

Game Wear

  • Jersey and not any of the official school uniforms.
  • Trainers.