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Building a sense of purpose in our students is at the heart of Annunciation

Annunciation Secondary Schools is a mixed school that offers a college preparatory curriculum in the areas of English, mathematics, science, religious studies, social studies, world languages, arts, business and physical education. Building a sense of purpose in our students is at the heart of Annunciation. Our students reach high levels of academic achievements; they graduate and do well in college and beyond; they are given every opportunity through extracurricular activities and athletic programs to excel as persons; and throughout their holistic educational experience, they become oriented toward service to others. We strive to establish a culture in which our students can become more than themselves.

Our Mission

Annunciation Schools get students and pupils in a vibrant academic atmosphere and arouse them to rise up to academic curiosity and thus, make them active and responsible members of the society.

Since its founding in 2006, Annunciation Schools have been nurturing the scholastic, inventive and physical development of our students while fostering their pious growth. We welcome day students from nursery/kindergarten to primary, and from Junior secondary to senior secondary and its purely boarding.

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